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I discovered Yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter 30 years ago. It helped me through my pregnancy and helped repair my mind, body and spirit post delivery. Sixteen years ago I commenced my teachers training at the Sivananda Ashram.  Since then I'm very lucky to have worked with several inspiring teachers and I became an accredited teacher with the BWY through my training with Ann-Marie at Sunpower Yoga. I've also studied with Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, John friend, Donna Farhi, Simon Low and I've been inspired by many more.Through my various studies I have created a style which embraces, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Power, Yin and restorative poses. I have also gained from my years as an intensive care nurse and midwife and my training in shiatsu and deep body work. Anatomy plays an important part in my teaching as does the powerful healing quality of the breath and the importance of relaxation and meditation.

We get easily caught up with the quickening pace of life and forget who we truly are, where our boundaries lie and how important it is to heal our lives and create a solid foundation. Yoga helps us to come back to ourselves, to evaluate, expand and move on.
Each Yoga practice will take you to a place of self discovery and personally I am always amazed how much benefit I get from a posture I have probably done a few hundred times. My intention is to inspire you. I love to share my passion and enthusiasm for Yoga and I am grateful to all my teachers who have helped me reach this place in my teaching and personal practice.


What to expect in a class at Yoga First

Most classes might consist of an initial relaxation, warming up exercises, breathing techniques, various postures to include, sun salutes, standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, inversions and a final relaxation or meditation. Not each class will be the same.

.There is a gentler 1 hour community class on Thursday mornings. Pregnant women are welcome in my Tuesday and Thursday morning classes.  

At Yoga First we are blessed with a lovely spacious environment. The studio is well lit and warm for those cold evenings, air conditioning for the hot summer evenings and soft lighting for relaxation. You can hear the birds singing and watch the trees swaying in the breeze during your practice. I keep the classes small with a maximum of 16, but usually 8 to 12 people come at a time.
Mats are provided but it’s always good to invest in your own mat for hygienic reasons and for your home practice.

My aim is to help you find a place of stillness in your busy life, help you regain your inner strength, trust in your own wisdom and ability, have a healthier body a happier disposition and hopefully realise your full potential.